Storefront Street Tree Initiative HackKC Project Roadmap

6/6/15 see Slack and Asana sites for full information and data

Phase I:

  1. Use documented and revised flowchart of Southwest Blvd experience with KCMO Parks and Bridging the Gap/Heartland Tree Alliance
    1. KCBizCare Small Business Focus Group
    2. Develop project information for inclusion in Daily Deeds launch later this month (June 2015)
    3. Review feasibility of Planting Area
    4. Solicit Storefront Business Owner Partner Agreement
    5. Schedule Planting
    6. Schedule Media Alert/social media/Channel 2 video team
      1. Look for opportunities to report on the success of the partnership and program
      2. Look for opportunities to tell the story from multiple channels of interest including small business support, what cities can do to support entrepreneurship and small business, environmental benefits, geography/cartography, citizen engagement, etc.
    7. Planting event is public awareness of importance of street trees to Triple Bottom Line 
    8. Create "Storefront Street Tree Initiative" tree medallion identifying partnership and the sponsoring business's name
    9. Define schedule for FY2015 plantings
      1. Funding appears to support 2 - 3 plantings in Fall and 2 - 3 planting in the Spring
      2. Finalize general schedule and budget with Project Management Team (KCMO Parks & Heartland Tree Alliance)
    10. Develop reporting and performance metrics to document Triple Bottom Line feedback for presentation at FY2016 PIAC Hearings beginning in August 2015

Phase II (parallels Phase I):

  1. Continue on HackKC schedule 
  2. Develop mobile app to allow businesses and avid customers to join the program or nominate a business to join the program
  3. Develop site to create 'one stop shop for street tree planting information'
  4. Use this app and Google Fusion Table to manage program of tree plantings
  5. Work with KCDC students to create new and inexpensive street tree well standard drawings, include Water Services and DPW in interactions
  6. Engage Streetscape Public Art initiative and look at including bike rack program in future planting projects
  7. Formalize project into citywide support for storefront small business corridors

Team Presentation Pic at HackKCRick, Bill and Chris

@Subbob: Somewhat surreal watching #StreetTree presentation 40+ miles away w/my name on slide :) #HackKC H/T @SlackHQ


6/8/15 Follow-up Note to Team from Rick Usher:

We had an amazing event this weekend and we have a lot to share about what we've learned.  The folks copied above were engaged in the project and are interested in continuing as the HackKC events go through November.

We have shared most of the content of the weekend at Storefront Street Tree Initiative ( and these are some of the action items we'd like to discuss with you:

1. Partnering with Daily Deeds as a funding project in their launch at 1 Million Cups on the 17th

2. Working with Chris Lintecum, Dr. Cynthia Annett and Scott Lemmon to create a Google Fusion Table that would allow mapping, project tracking and public nomination of potential street tree locations via a Google app.  We don't know how you manage site review, volunteer management, tree selection, ongoing maintenance, etc. and think this might be a good way to increase multiple partner collaboration.

3. Developing a schedule for plantings in FY2015.  I am assuming that with the funding we have that 2 or 3 plantings may be possible in the Fall and Spring.  At HackKC, David Johnson, president of the Crossroads Community Association, agreed to facilitate a meeting of business owners to plan a planting.  We also walked to the shops at 51st & Oak and found an opportunity to plant at least 4 street trees in existing tree wells where there are one empty well, one with a dead tree and two with huge dead stumps in them.  It would be good to get a flow chart of the process of developing a planting project, we've speculated but you're the experts.

4. Developing the wikikc site as a prototype for a City webpage that would be the front door for the program.  It would include information on how to obtain approval to plant your own street tree, how to participate in the Storefront Street Tree Initiative, and the triple bottom line benefits of street trees to businesses.

5. Related to 4., developing an information brochure with all the process information including the street tree well standard drawing and tree selection lists.

6. Expanding on the partnerships offered by our HackKC experience.  There is more I have likely not covered so I will ask the others who participated this weekend to add their comments.

We'd like to meet sometime in the next couple of weeks to discuss these points.  What is your availability?


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