Save The _________! Preserving KC's Historic Urban Buildings and Eradicating Surface Parking Lots

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Saving Historic KC

Tear Down Tattler

Historic Kansas City Foundation Releases 2015 Most Endangered List - May 29, 2015

#2 on the Most Endangered List is MGM pictures building 220 W. 18th St. - At Risk


This map and database tied to this site to track building preservation and surface parking lots. City Planning to provide needed data elements for tracking.  This map needs to allow crowdsourcing data entry to help us quickly and effectively map the current situation and track change over time.  May 15, 2015  - At City Hall, Rick Usher, Kyle Elliott, John Pajor and others are tackling this issue and we have reached out to civic operatives for assistance in creating this map and database. Create your wikikc account through the link at the top right of this page.  It would be good to have a couple of layers, one for at-risk buildings and one for surface parking lots and one for redevelopment projects.  Thanks.

Taking Effective Action Beyond Last Minute Social Media Protests:

Like Jerry Garcia said “Somebody has to do something, and it’s incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.” How can the community take effective action to save historic buildings and discourage reuse of demolition sites as surface parking lots?  The Downtown Council of Kansas City, Mo. has a viable "developer in the public interest" model that has been used successfully to preserve and revitalize the KC Central Library, the KC Ballet, the Downtown Community Services Center and is working now to assist UMKC's Conservatory to revitalize property in the Crossroads.  

A similar approach could be pursued by those interested in the community.  Historic Kansas City Foundation is one organization that could likely take on the challenges of becoming a "developer in the public interest."  There may also be opportunity in building relationships with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Done properly, this effort could expand on the successes of downtown KC's Library District.

Civic Reinvestment and Community Engagement Drive Redevelopment:

Surface parking lots are losing out to redevelopment and preservation

#CCKC13 - Jase Wilson - We Don't Make 'Em Like We Used To & Once They're Gone They're Gone

Irreplaceable | Jase Wilson | TEDxKC - August 9, 2014

Successful and Not So Successful Efforts to Save the _______!:

Save Kemper Arena

Cerner’s Neal Patterson and UMB’s Mariner Kemper offer to pay to tear down Kemper Arena

Kansas City Selects Foutch Brothers to Redevelop Kemper Arena - May 16, 2016

Make your thoughts known at KCMOmentum


Cadillac Catering Building - 1935 McGee Street

Roof Caves in on Cadillac Catering - May 21, 2012

Brewery, Winery, Other Businesses Coming to East Crossroads - June 25, 2015

Novel's Ryan Brazeal Not Sure Yet What He'll Do With 1935 McGee - July 8, 2015

Meatball District Adds Sunday Brunch; Crossroads to Gain a Restaurant, Lose a Building - July 21, 2016

“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to save the building — working with architects, contractors, the bank. The fact is, it is in too bad a shape,” he said. “I have a lot of employees and a new family to look out for and it is my responsibility to make a reasonable financial decision.”


McWhirter Printing- 9th and Wyandotte

Building is open to birds, the roof grows plants and water comes out of the back every time it rains.

The original plan was to tear it down and extend the rundown parking garage on the corner with a second floor walkway for the Union Carbide Building


Save the Lane

3200 East Independence Avenue - west wall collapsed on August 7, 2014, building is in the Scarritt Point Historic District and is listed in the Kansas City Register of Historic Places - KMBC9 Story

1832 Washington Street - Beautiful 2 story brick concealed by cheap vinyl siding - demo'd August 5, 2014


MGM pictures building 220 W. 18th St. - At Risk


Save the Brookfield Building - At Risk


Save the Orion Pictures Building - Demo'd


Save the Cosby Hotel - Saved

Regus offers look at new office space in historic Cosby building - KCBJ August 12, 2014

Note: the back of the structure in the foreground partially collapsed, more was torn down, the basement filled in and a cinder block wall put up.   A patio was put on the new ground.


Save the Vitagraph Building - Saved 

Save the Gate City National Bank Building - Saved, now the Ambassador Hotel

Save the President Hotel - Saved, dodged the wrecking ball 3 times

Save the Empire Theater - Saved, now the Main Street Theater


Save the National Biscuit Company Building - Saved, now Stuart Hall Lofts

Save the Safeway Warehouse Building - Saved, now residential lofts

Save the Western Auto Building - Saved

Save the Hotel Monroe - Saved but on March 9, 1997 tearing it down seemed like a good idea to jumpstart revitalization of the neighborhood

Save Union Station - Saved

Union Station Centennial Experience - September 5, 2014

Save the Freighthouse - Saved

Save the Greenlease Cadillac Building - Saved


Save the Carnival Supply Building - 800 Broadway - Saved


Save the Vista Del Rio - Saved, now The View

Blossom House - Saved



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if a property must be demolished, how can useable materials and fixtures be salvaged?




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