Mayors Maker Challenge 


Challenging Mayors to Help Make a Difference

President Obama at the White House Maker Faire: “Today’s D.I.Y. Is Tomorrow’s 'Made in America'”


Here are key “Maker Moves” that you can take in 2014 to be part of the Mayors Maker Challenge announced May 19, 2014:

1.)    Maker Roundtable: Host a roundtable in your community that convenes partners and helps catalyze public and private commitments that will strengthen the local Maker movement.

  • KC Digital Drive currently host the Makerspace Meeting that is inclusive of the KC metro maker movement - Aaron Deacon facilitates this meeting

KC Maker Roundtable - September 22, 2014

2.)    Maker Faire: Help celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of local Makers by holding or participating in a Maker Faire event, which convenes stakeholders to promote innovative technology ideas. See

3.)    Maker Liaison: Designate a Maker liaison in the mayor’s office or economic development department.

4.)    Makerspaces: Host or help in the creation or growth of maker spaces in local incubators, accelerators, educational institutions, under-utilized buildings, and/or design-production districts, which can broaden access to tools needed for design, prototyping, manufacturing, and the growth of small business enterprises that are building new manufacturing and innovation technologies.

5.)    Maker Manual: Issue a “Maker Manual” to explain the importance of the Maker Movement in your community, and to identify resources and incentives at local, regional, state and national levels that can support makers and small businesses seeking to grow their technology and manufacturing innovations.

6.)    Make a Strategy for Education, Training & Workforce Development: Commit to working with your school district, libraries, museums, after-school providers, community colleges and universities, workforce investment boards, and job training organizations to give more students access to age-appropriate makerspaces and mentorship, and focus more education and training programs on the emerging fields of advanced manufacturing and technology innovation. 

7.)    Maker Business Development: Upgrade your economic and business development programs, incentives and services to provide support to manufacturing entrepreneurs and small businesses.

8.)    Maker Best Practices: Lead or participate in local efforts to identify, document and share “promising practices” in manufacturing and technological innovation so that others in your community and beyond can learn from local experimentation.

9.)    Maker Support in Struggling Neighborhoods: Support initiatives to engage and support students, entrepreneurs and small businesses in under-served neighborhoods.

10.)  Make It Even Better: Your community may have even more innovative strategies for promoting the Maker Movement. Make that part of your Challenge pledge and share the strategy with others!



Big Ideas for Small Business Peer Network - report on the activities of the peer network published by the NLC in May 2014

Downtown’s thriving innovation district to take center stage at Annual Luncheon - Downtown Council January 10, 2014

The Rise of Innovation Districts - published by the Brookings Institute on June 9, 2014

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