KCBizCare CityCamp2013

We provide four things to entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  1. Streamlined easily accessible City services;
  2. Business intelligence data;
  3. Business networking connections; and,
  4. Reliable well maintained public infrastructure.

These four areas begin to address what City government can to for business.

Public private partnerships designed to enable the community to do things together that we could not do separately otherwise is another major area the City excels.  Attracting Google Fiber and enabling the deployment of the network is an example of this type of public private partnership.

PROJECT 1 - Write our KCBizCare Strategic Plan in line with City Council Priorities and needs of the business community

Business outreach initiatives

City Council 2013 Priorities & Performance Measures

What can local government do for small business?  Draft our CityCamp2013 response here.


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