The 1st planning meeting for Growing the Kansas City Social Good Community, sponsored by Connecting for Good, was held on Wednesday, Aug 27th, 2014 at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center.

Meeting Format

Bob King kicked off the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves by answering the following questions:

  • What is your name and organization?
  • Why are you here?
  • What question(s) should we try to answer today?

The group then collectively decided four questions to address. Each attendee had two minutes to individually answer the questions. Following that, the room was divided into four sub-groups to identify the top 3 issues for their assigned question.

The session produced many products (see below) for analysis and continued refinement in future sessions.

Products developed during the meeting

Other Notes

Bob's introductory meeting at Kauffman on August 27, 2014

See Volunteer Mark site

Economic Mobility 

Leslie on Brooking Economic Mobility

Bill on land use paradigm

Leslie and Bill, EM does not mean leaving your neighborhood for a better one say our income increases.  Importing others of a higher social class or gentrification is not the answer 

EvoAvenue 3 poorest KCK neighborhood

unity on economic development in the community 


1. Not leaving your neighborhood

2. Not gentrification

3. Support for distance learning, digital inclusion and connect startups with low income residents

Meeting Photos

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Erik Bergrud

Jackie Baker

Christopher Baran

Pam Curtis

Rick Deane

Ruthann Essig

Berkley Jones

Bob King

Rachel King

Brittain Kovac

Michael Liimatta

Ruth Loftis

Karen Messier

Bill Mullins

Lindsay Nelson

Heidi Nordstrom

Melissa Salazar

Leslie Scott

Laura Slezinger

Andrew Stanley

Neil Steiner

Kelli Stroud

Rick Usher

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