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  • If you want to help entrepreneurs? Shut up and Listen!
  • create a Dead Letter Office as a spot to collect presumed useless or archaic regulations for consideration for repeal.
  • Real change comes from political engagement

Special Committee on Small Business

Big Ideas for Small Business Report - NLC May 2014

KCBizCare Services connect entrepreneurs and small businesses with:

  1. easily accessible, streamlined City services;
  2. business intelligence data;
  3. business networking connections; and,
  4. reliable, well maintained public infrastructure

KC has adopted Brad Feld's Boulder Thesis:

  1. Entrepreneurs as leaders - Feld divides a startup community into two groups: Leaders (entrepreneurs) and feeders (everyone else). "The feeders have very important roles," he says. "They become part of the fabric of the startup community. But the feeders can't be leaders. The leaders have to be entrepreneurs."
  2. A long-term view - A successful startup community must be filled with people who are making a long-term commitment of 20-plus years and are able to weather the successes and failures of entrepreneurs in the community, Feld says.
  3. A philosophy of inclusiveness. It takes all kinds of people to make a startup community. "If everybody contributes energy into the startup community," Feld says, "it will get bigger and grow faster and be more successful and be more fun."
  4. Events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack - Feld cites things like TechStars and Startup Weekend, which he notes are more substantive than awards dinners or cocktail parties, as vital to allowing the entire community to help startups.
  5. KC Amendment - New entrants are quickly introduced to local resources that will help ensure their success - In KC, we are reconizing the power of our social and political networks in connecting startups to information and resources they need to ensure their success.  We have a strong feeder community of entrepreneurial support organizations ready and willing to provide support and assistance.

30 attendees at "KC Amendment to the Boulder Thesis" conversation at City CampKC 2014.

List things that could not happen in KC without strong Public-Private Partnerships:

Google Fiber could not have happened in KC without the incredible cooperative efforts of KCMO and KCK.

How Kansas City scored the biggest technological coup of the century - Silicon Prairie News March 31, 2014


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