Kansas City, Mo. Council Districts with density of 10+ Mbps connections





KC School Districts with density of 10+ Mbps connections

What is our KC digital inclusion mission?

Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion:


Every citizen and household in the Kansas City metropolitan area has access to the Internet, the equipment needed to use it and the skills needed to take advantage.


To facilitate collaboration among organizations and initiatives working to bridge the digital divide in order maximize the resources for the greatest impact.


The Internet is important to everyone.


To co-ordinate policies and a coherent strategy that all citizens, especially the disadvantaged, can benefit from new technologies

that all members of our community or city have the same opportunities to participate in civic life, make social connections, and be an advocate for their own health and well being through access to the Internet. Library or other community center access points are critical to serving the community. 

build self-reliance and expand education and employment opportunities


Digital Week 2016

Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund 2014 and 2013 Report

Interested in joining the effort?  Contact the KC Digital Inclusion Coalition!

Help build the Community Learning Center

Mobile Apps for Digital Inclusion

KC Digital Inclusion Town Hall is January 16, 2015.  RSVP now.

Digital Inclusion as a Path to Economic Mobility

"What makes Life worth living?" -  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness at TED2004

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Digital Inclusion Fund applications are open until September 26, 2014.  

Google Fiber for Kansas City has generated citywide interest in digital inclusion strategies and programs.  

Here is a map of digital literacy resources throughout the Kansas City metro area. We've split them in three types: Wifi Access, Refurbished Device Providers, and Computer and/or Training Centers. Play around with the map to check the different locations:


KC Digital Drive, a region-wide digital leadership network to build and support innovation and civic capacity in the new digital economy.

Google and MBIT Release Digital Divide Report for Kansas City



Connecting for Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to closing the Digital Divide in the Kansas City area so that all citizens, regardless of their incomes, have access to broadband Internet.

Closing the Digital Divide in KC, One Neighborhood at a Time - December 17, 2012 interview with Mike Liimata on Gigabit Nation Broadband Talk Radio


Digital Inclusion Network - e-democracy.org

Social Justice and Digital Inclusion


In October 2012, MoBroadbandNow released the second in a series of reports analyzing broadband data and information collected through the 2011 state and regional needs assessment process.  Building Digital Inclusion provides quantitative data and qualitative commentary on Internet usage in Missouri public libraries.  In many underserved communities the public or community library is the primary broadband access point for citizens.  The report is designed to stimulate further discussion among citizens, community leaders, elected officials and broadband providers on how to increase the level of digital inclusion.

Building Digital Inclusion from MOBroadbandNow



The Kansas City Public Library has been working to bridge the digital divide by providing access to computers, the web, and other electronic resources free to patrons as they become available to consumers. Most recently, the Library has joined community efforts to bring affordable high-speed broadband access to lower-income areas by ensuring that all of its branches will receive a free Google Fiber connection.

Free KC Library resources for digital inclusion (Library card required): Online Job Search Help, Computer Classes, Research Databases, Homework Help, E-books, Music Downloads, Mobile App

Bridging The Digital Divide in Kansas City - KC Currents September 12, 2012

FCC Commissioner praises KC for broadband-friendly policies and streamlined permitting processes.

Additional Resources

There are many digital inclusion initiatives happening all around the country. A lot of them are being tracked via LocalWiki. For example, check out the Digital Divide entry on the Oakland Wiki.



ArtsTech’s mission is to better the lives of underserved urban youth through the development of marketable artistic and technical skills. ArtsTech accomplishes this by:
1. operating a center for youth enterprise that provides hands-on training and experience in visual arts, graphic design, photography, ceramics, silk-screening, and computers; and 
2.  building and managing collaborative partnerships that use art and technology as educational tools for the benefit of youth in the community.


Welcome to the DuBois Learning Center an organization that has been offering free tutorial services to local residents for the last 40 years in the areas of Math, Reading, and Science. We believe by using a variety of strategies and assessments your child can become one of our success stories. We will help your child build skills that lead to improvements inside and outside the classroom. DLC students gain a sense of confidence that will help them become eager, independent self-learners.


The Upper Room - Education for Life

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