DIY Skatepark - build your own skatepark

Burnside Turns 20

Promo Event:

Oppenstein Park - 12th & Walnut - Similar Performance Art

Location Ideas:

I-35 @ West 20th Street - Video during demolition and rehab

Conditions as of October 5, 2014 at I-35 Viaduct between W 20th Street & West Pennway

Margaret Kemp Park - KC Parks & Recreation

Port Authority at River Front




The Art of Shredding by Escapist - Skating the Nelson-Atkins Museum

Escapist at St Louis DIY park

Kansas City Red Bull Manny Mania - Barney Allis Plaza 2010

Tony Hawk & Birdhouse Demo @ Penn Valley Skatepark

Evan Doherty "Big E" at Penn Valley Bowl & lands 720 at 9 years old



Interview: Alec Beck on Liberating the Courthouse

Beck Courthouse Rules, LA



JP in Hermann, MO (Skatepark builder. Big part in building St Louis DIY parks.)

Sean Kelly (Team Pain forman. Built Ft Collins DIY park and St Louis DIY park.)

Brian Bedwell (Handled insurance and other hang ups with St Louis DIY park.)

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