Describe Community Building here-This page is about Community Building and resident engagement to revitalize old urban neighborhoods. It is about accounting for available assets, evaluating existing use and coming up with creative solutions to building the types of communities that we all want to live in.  Thoughts, ideas and observations will be presented through my blog.

Community Building Platforms

Many platforms currently exist to assist in achieving a myriad of community building goals. Individuals and organizations often spend resources creating new platforms when others may serve their purpose. Some do so out of ignorance of existing solutions, others because the solution does not meet all of their needs, and some perhaps because they want theirs to be the solution. 


Additional Information:

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Platform for Your Community (Not read. ~Bob King)

Ten leading platforms for creating online communities (Somewhat dated.. Source of Life Cycle image. ~Bob King)

How To Build An Online Community: The Ultimate List Of Resources (2013) (Well organized list of categorized resources. ~Bob King)


 Name (URL) Purpose Niche Misc Notes
  • Access and manage your civic information, all in one place.
  • Turn your local interests to collective influence. 
  • Preview important election information early. 
"...redefines our relationship to the things we love about where we live by making it easy for anyone to be part of the process that manages it, empowering more of us to participate more often."

Q: What is the overall usage of this platform by neighborhoods within Kansas City?

Q: Does this platform lack any key features preventing it from being THE platform? If so, what is it lacking?



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