Laura Ziegler , KCUR reporter and producer here.

I'm working with KCUR/and our magazine program , KC Currents,  to develop 2 things.  The first is a discreet story about Code for America in Kansas City.

The second is an hour -long documentary about digital KC, and the hacker, maker, start-up movement we're seeing  all around us.  

We're interested in talking to as many of you out there who are involved in this movement as possible.


Please get in touch with me @laurazig  or zieglerl@umkc  or @kccurrents or (Sylvia Maria Gross is the producer of KCCurrents on KCUR)c and talk to us about digital KC. 

Code for America- any connection with it?  Met Andrew Hyder or the others who've been here researching how to make KCMO and KCK gov't more efficient?  What experiences do you have with government Inefficiency? (CFA is writing code for ways to make government more efficient....) Let us know how you engage in civil life digitally, or how you would like to .

We would love to hear from you as to what we should be covering, best ways to cover it, what's not being covered elsewhere.  Thanks !


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